AudioMob | iPhone

17 12 2009

Name: AudioMob
Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Available on: iPhone
Description: ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal is an iPhone/iPod Touch application that enables you to quickly view and listen to English text RSS feeds.

The following is included: a ReadSpeaker audioMob personal account with three user selected RSS feeds, one year’s use, and support through email (

My review: This seems like a promising app – if we have books on tape, why not blogs on tape? Given the limits of the iPhone’s screen, it’s quite a chore trying to read long blog posts. Good for people on the go. The UI is clean and simple: the landing page is a list of your feeds and you can find a list of articles when you click on your feed.

Each page has a simple text version of the blog’s content and an audio player with a ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘forward’, and ‘backwards’ button. Unfortunately, there’s no pausing the audio.

So much for the good stuff. The main selling point of this app – the ability to listen to blog posts… is insufferable. I pushed the ‘play’ button, and a mechanical and stilted voice came blaring out of my headphones. He sounds like a less tinny Stephen Hawking who has a hard time pronouncing words (‘makeover’ turned into ‘mackover’). As much as the brilliant guy did for physics, I can’t listen to him read to me. I could only stand about 15 seconds of the audio before shutting it off. While I understand that it would take millions of years and trillions of dollars to have Morgan Freeman record every single blog post, something needs to be done about it.

While a good concept overall, the app falls short on execution.




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