Cows in Space | iPhone

10 12 2009

Name: Cows in Space
Category: Game / Strategy
Price: Free
Available on: iPhone
Description: In a failed galactic operation, the cows of earth have ended up FLOATING AROUND IN SPACE — encapsulated in air bubbles.

Brave space pilot, it’s time to charge your jelly beam and get ready for an intergalactic mission to TELEPORT THE COWS back to earth!

Review: Created by Donut Games, Cows in Space is an addicting little mini game for all ages. With 50 levels (you need to unlock each level by completing the level before it), you must save all the little cows floating in space by pushing them into star bubbles. IN ZERO GRAVITY! You are scored on how little you make the cows move, which means that you are scored by how many skillz you have.

This game is so addicting. I was butt-tired at 12:30am last night and stayed up until 1:15am because I couldn’t stop playing this game. And as always, it’s fun playing with your friends and trying to beat their score. There’s something to be said about the feeling of accomplish you get when you beat a level, or beat your previous score. Also, it helps that the cows look so cute sitting in their little bubbles in space.

Verdict: download it and play it until you get perfect scores on each level!

Download here




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