WHERE | iPhone

8 12 2009

Category: Navigation
Price: Free
Available on: iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm

Description: WHERE® allows you to quickly launch a mobile experience that puts the people, places and things you look for at your fingertips while on the go. Local content available through WHERE includes everything from the weather, news, and restaurant reviews, to the closest coffee shop, cheapest gas, traffic updates, movie show times and more. WHERE also helps you reach your destination with easy to use maps and directions.

WHERE makes you feel like a local, no matter what city you are in.

My review: Wow, they weren’t kidding when they said this was the most comprehensive navigation app out there. Developed by uLocateCommunications, The app uses your current location and grabs all the local information it can for you. Find lowest gas prices, the weather, news, restaurant reviews, nearest Starbucks, events, traffic conditions, hotels, movies and showtimes, sports, and more. Another cool feature is WHERE Connect, which lets you chat with other users around the country. The app definitely does what it says.

Gas prices: Sorted by ‘within 1.0 mi’ to ‘within 2.0mi’. Gas stations are organized from cheapest to most expensive. Tells you when it was last updated, and the nicest part is it let’s you change grades (regular, midgrade, premium, diesel, bio diesel, and E-85). Click ‘map’ to see all stations in the area.

Weather: uses accuweather.com browser inside the app

News: Compiles news from a variety of sources. Categories include: local news, top US news, top sports, top entertainment, top technology, and top strange.

Restaurant reviews: Uses Citysearch to find local restaurants – get business information and reviews from other users.

Events: Finds events in your area – search by date and category! Find them on the map and get the description, directions, and share with friends with email.

Movies: Sorted by box office, fan rated, new releases, coming soon, and theatres. Click on your selected movie to find showtimes at your local theatres.

There are a number of nice features the developers put into the app, making it a useful little thing. However, there are a couple of things I don’t like about it. One of them is the ad at the bottom of the page. It pops open at random times, making you accidentally click on it. One example was when I tried clicking on ‘more results’ and the ad popped up on top of the link. How dasterdly! Another gripe I have is that the app is pretty laggy. Pages take a while to load, and scrolling isn’t smooth.

Download here (iPhone)
Download here (Blackberry)
Download here (Android)
Download here (Palm)




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