iPhone game that spins you round and round

3 12 2009

Here’s some iPhone game innovation for ya! Pandemica is a newly released arcade style shooter game. Here’s the twist – it’s a full 360 experience! Aliens are attacking you from every angle and in order to get to them all, you must turn yourself around and around in circles.

Pandemica, created by XMG Studio Inc.,  provides a truly unique and interactive, “augmented reality” gaming experience.  While playing you see a clear scanner style view of the world around you.  Aliens organisms fly in from all angles and visciously attack.  There is a map in the lower left hand corner of your screen to help you find the aliens.  To get them in your sites you must spin your body around in circles while maneuvering your iPhone at all angles.  Once in your sights simply tap the screen to fire your weapons.  If you take damage your iPhone vibrates and your screen turns red.  Arrows appear on the screen to bring attention to the aliens that are causing the most damage.  From time-to-time alien debrit splatters on your screen, obstructing your view.  To clean your screen you’ve got to shake your iPhone to knock it lose.  It’s complete and utter 3D virtual reality chaos the entire time your playing…do you have what it takes to win?

Slapapp recommends this game to be played on a swivel chair. Don’t stand up and play around fragile objects, as it would be hazardous to everyone’s health.

Download here





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