“So who gives a shiitake?”

30 11 2009

Hope everyone had a delicious and food coma-filled Thanksgiving!

While educating myself on some of the finer points of blogging, I read a few articles on Copyblogger, which mentioned a golden tidbit from Guy Kawasaki:

Answer the little man. Now that you’re thinking of your blog as a product, ask yourself if it’s a good product. A useful test is to imagine that there’s a little man sitting on your shoulder reading what you’re writing. Every time you write an entry, he says, “So what? Who gives a shiitake?” If you can’t answer the little man, then you don’t have a good blog/product. Take it from someone who’s tried: It’s tough to market crap, so make sure you have something worth saying. Or, write a diary and keep it to yourself.

Friends, writing a professional blog is nothing like writing in your personal blog. You can’t spew whatever thoughts and ideas come to your brain and still expect your friends to read it.

Trying to come up with relevant content to entice complete strangers with is darn hard. And to keep them coming back… that’s even harder. How do you make them give a shiitake about what you have to say? How do you make your voice heard in the millions of blogs already out there?

The place to start, I think, is to have a topic of focus to your blog. In my case, my topic is the mobile app world and how one goes about marketing and promoting the darn things. Narrow your focus in order to find a smaller niche of potential readers: in my case, I’m writing this blog as a noob (beginner) who’s first entering the field. The hope is that if you appeal to a small niche and can write good content to make them dedicated readers, then you can slowly start expanding outward to a broader audience.

The main point of your blog isn’t to sell or advertise to your readers, it’s to create a relationship with them – and that is immensely more valuable than anything you could sell to them. So put your heart into your writing, let your readers in on a few secrets. The more you give, the  more you get back.

And that, I suppose, is the start to getting your readers to give a shiitake about you.


P.S. Guy Kawasaki is one of my celebrities – ever since I found his post on “everything you wanted to know about getting a job in Silicon Valley but didn’t know who to ask“, I’ve been a huge fan of his.




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30 11 2009

That’s a good post! (the everything you wanted to know post)

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