Appulous is finally up… nvm.

19 11 2009

I am relatively new to the whole app thing and thus, had never heard of Appulous until I happened across a link one night. “The solution to a flawed iPhone App Store”, it read. “How curious!” I exclaimed! HOWEVER, I was unable to find exactly what the solution was, as the site was protected by a troll bridge (as the site moved to a new server)! The questions were all beyond my knowledge and research abilities and so the question remained a mystery until last night, when I randomly clicked on the link again and ABRACADABRA I was taken to a troll bridge-less site!

The solution is quite good. Find downloadable previews of apps to test them out before you pay a fortune for them at the app store. Content generated by its huge network of users.

Alas, the troll bridge has been put up again! For good reason, I suppose – the site was a little laggy last night, still. In the meantime, I’ll keep checking! Major updates are said to be coming to the site to make it more functional for users.




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