Google has some new iPhone GPS friends

17 11 2009

Oops, the sandbox just got a little bit more crowded, Google! Yea, you have Google maps and are coming out with turn-by-turn service for iPhone soon, but don’t forget that these kids have been playing in the sandbox for a much longer time than you!

Magellan has released its own navigation app for…wait for it…$79.99 in the app store. “Holy smokes!!” you say! (because that’s what I said when I saw it) But it has so many nifty features!

The big features here, says Magellan, are Highway Lane Assistance (which suggests when you’ll need to switch lanes to make an exit), In-App music control, Pedestrian mode (for when you’re hoofin’ it), “Find Your Car” (parking location bookmarking), address book integration, 3d landmarks, and their signature OneTouch favorites menu.

AND, they have made a cradle as well! And not just any plastic thing – it has a built-in GPS receiver for improved accuracy, an amplified speaker, and a charging dock!

Cool. But I don’t know if it’s $80 cool, especially if Google’s products are free.





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