Wow, that’s a lot of money.

15 11 2009

…times a bajillion.

Wireless Expertise, a market research and consulting firm, has made a forecast that sales of mobile apps will top $16 BILLION by 2013. Compare this to the dreadfully low $4.6 billion that apps are making in 2009.

They tie this increase to increased smartphone users in the future.

Wireless Expertise anticipates that smartphone sales will jump from 165 million in 2009 to 423 million in 2013, with the total number of smartphone users approaching 1.6 billion.


While I believe that it’s pretty unquestionable that smartphones are here to stay (until the geniusphones come out, I guess), there’s some debate over whether we can say the same for apps. Some predict that apps will soon become “as big as the Internet,” while some say pish, apps are simply a fad. Read the entire post, it’s quite interesting. The article lists several quotes from industry representatives like Symbian and Google.

I think that apps are here to stay, though there will be changes. Perhaps individual developers will slowly become more scarce as they join together, or drop out out of the game entirely, and apps such as iBeer (pretend to drink beer on your phone!) will die out and be replaced with truly useful apps.

So while smartphone growth will continue, we’ll see if apps will keep up.




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