Eliminate Pro is the 22nd top grossing free app

13 11 2009

So that sounds a bit strange, you’re thinking. Free means $0, and $0 times infinity is still $0. Well, Eliminate Pro has done it! According to theAppleBlog:

ngmoco appears to have found the sweet spot in add-on content where users don’t feel like they’re being extorted by a game’s in-app purchasing system. Eliminate Pro uses a system in which players earn rewards for in-game achievements that can be used to purchase armor and weapon upgrades. The catch is that you only get a certain amount of time during which game play earns you points. You can keep playing for free, but in order to get more rewards, you have to pay for more usable time.

Ingenious, it is. Developers submitting to Apple’s app store have been pressured to price their apps at FREE or 99 cents. Pricing has been an issue – those who give their apps out for free depend on ads for revenue, which isn’t too much in the first place.

This is the problem Kuchbi has. We have a couple of apps out in the app store right now. FastFood and iCricket are both free, and both have premium versions for $1.99. The problem is there’s no real incentive for users to download the premium versions, so we have to work on getting more users for free versions to get more exposure to ads. There has to be a better way!

Props to ngmoco. This is a breakthrough for developers.





One response

11 12 2009

Stunning, I did not heard about this topic up to the present. Thx!

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