Android app recommendations

10 11 2009

Android mascotMobileCrunch has an article recommending apps for all you kids out there with a new Android phone and are getting a headache trying to find the perfect apps to dl onto your phone. Check it here!

Some of my thoughts:

Mario, Bomberman, Megaman right on your phone? Shoot, step aside, iPhone.
See something you like, scan it, and compare prices from all vendors right on your phone. Epic.


I really like the Android robot. Cool graphic.




One response

12 11 2009

The Amazon app for the Droid is even better… it reads barcodes and reads PICTURES OF ITEMS. I took a picture of my desk phone and it recognized the brand and model of the phone and suggested where I could buy it. I took a picture of my roommate’s weird PRE Probiotic Pomegranate drink, and Amazon recognized it. Darn impressive.

(They use computer image recognition for the photos, but if the computer fails, they ship it off to Mechanical Turk for a human to identify.)

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