Getting Kuchbi out onto the web

3 11 2009

Kuchbi is still a new and small company that hasn’t had much time to deal with matters outside of designing and building applications. That’s where I come in – I’m in charge of all marketing activities, and getting Kuchbi’s name out there is one of my tasks. So, I’ll be periodically documenting my efforts in this field and hopefully, you guys will have some suggestions and comments.

Today was my first foray into online marketing tasks. I was playing around the site today and toyed around with Google map embedded into the ‘company’ page. I realized that Kuchbi wasn’t listed as a business at its listed address. The cool thing about Google is that it allows users to create a new posting for a business. I filled out the fields and when I came to categories, I decided to input the following:

Mobile application development, Smartphone services, iphone, blackberry, android, palm, nokia, Mobile consulting

…and tried to submit it. But it wouldn’t let me move on until I had used a pre-made category. However, there were no mobile development categories (which should be changed, I think) so I looked around similar companies and decided to use ‘IT consultant’.

So once you submit, Google has to confirm that you’re actually creating a post for a real company. This is the cool part: they’ll immediately call your business phone and give you a PIN number that you then input into the page. Or, they will  send you a postcard but that takes 2-3 weeks, and who has that kind of time? Input the PIN and your post should show up in 1 business day.


And that is the story of how Kuchbi’s birth onto Google maps.




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